More about the EU copyright reform, peer review and Open Science

These articles caught our attention this week. Have we missed anything? Please share your comments below.

New Text and Data Mining proposal

Science Business – Researchers to gain new text and data mining rights under EU proposal

Eblida – European Commission (Almost) Does the Right Thing on Marrakesh

Science Business – New EU text and data mining proposal would not benefit everyone

Open media – Will the European Commission’s copyright rules spell destruction for Wikimedia?

Sparc Europe – Newly proposed EC Copyright Directive takes steps to facilitating an Open Science Europe

Journal tries ‘result free’ peer review

Science Business – Journal to experiment with ‘results free’ peer review

Times Higher Education –  Journal tries ‘results-free’ peer review

Other news – Researcher discusses the slow pace of the open science movement

Open Aire Blog – The Finnish National OpenAIRE workshop focused on infrastructures and networking for Open Science

The Impact Blog (LSE) – What it means to be Green: exploring publishers’ changing approaches to Green open access

OPEN KNOWLEDGE INTERNATIONAL BLOG – New Open Knowledge Network chapters launched in Japan and Sweden

Creative Commons – Copyright reform in Colombia should focus on supporting users’ rights

Huffington Post – What Are Predatory Open Access Journals And Why Should We Worry?

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