Crowdfunding for coming open access book: Essays in Anarchism & Religion

Essays in Anarchism & Religion: Volume 1, edited by Alexandre Christoyannopoulos & Matthew S. Adams, is an edited volume of academic essays ready for production with Stockholm University Press in the series Stockholm Studies in Comparative Religion. The book is planned to be published in April 2017.

To reach the aim of producing the editors have launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise money to meet the production costs. To look at the contents of this volume, and to make a pledge, please visit the campaign’s Kickstarter page, all handled by the editors of the book. The editors have also published the post ”Crowdfunding Essays on Anarchism and Religion” in the blog ”Socratic Hive. Fostering critical inquiry”.

For those interested in political theory, religious studies, the history of ideas and philosophy

Essays in Anarchism & Religion examines the intersections between anarchist politics and activism on the one hand, and religious ideas, thinkers and practices on the other. The essays cast fresh light on the intellectual foundations of anarchism as a political movement, and on the neglected relevance of anarchist ideas to multiple strands religious thinking.

This and the forthcoming two volumes of Essays in Anarchism and Religion will be of interest to those interested in political theory and religious studies, but also those interested in the history of ideas and philosophy.

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