Stockholm University Press is celebrating Peer Review Week 2017

During Peer Review Week we want to contribute to the future development of an improved and quality assured peer review system. We need tools and incentives to revitalize the mission to share ideas with peers through the process of peer review and publication of results.

Earlier years we have participated by publishing interviews with scholars from different disciplines based at Stockholm University, who has shared their thoughts about peer review and with a focus on the themes ”Recognition for Peer Review” and ”Dreams and visions about peer review”.

This year’s theme is ”Transparency” and we will share thoughts about how Stockholm University works with transparency in review. We will further elaborate about how we work with peer review and make a recap about last year’s theme and how it is related to this year’s theme. We will also comment current events during #peerrevwk17 in social media.

Do you have any thoughts or comments? Please leave a comment on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or here to interact with us.

Would you like to write a guest blog post for Stockholm University Press Blog?

Read more on our website.

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