Happy #AcademicBookWeek #WomenWriters #Diversity

Stockholm University Press would like to contribute to #AcademicBookWeek, and present three of our books and their author(s)/editors to celebrate also #WomenWriters and #Diversity.

By Christina Lenz, Managing Editor and Communications Manager

University Presses are all about #AcademicBooks

As an University Press all our published books are academic, #OpenAccess and have been through rigorous #PeerReview. Since the press started in 2015 we have published 13 books in different disciplines, mainly in Humanities and Social sciences.

We have a lot of authors and editors that are #WomenWriters. Below I will present a book by one of them. Diversity could be so many things. Two of the below books and editors explore #diversity in their own ways.

Don’t Be Quiet, Start a Riot! Essays on Feminism and Performance #WomenWriters

Don't Be Quiet, Start a Riot

Tiina Rosenberg, is the author of Don’t Be Quiet, Start a Riot! Essays on Feminism and Performance: This book is part of the Stockholm Studies in Culture and Aesthetics series.

This collection of essays investigates elements of the human voice and performance, and their implications for gender and sexuality. The chapters address affect, pleasure, and memory in the enjoyment of musical and theatrical performance. Rosenberg also examines contemporary feminist performance, anti-racist interventions, activist aesthetics, and political agency especially with regard to feminist and queer interpretations of opera and theatre.

Discipline and keywords: #FeministStudies #GenderStudies #OperaStudies #PerformanceStudies #QueerStudies #TheatreStudies #FeministPerformance #FeministTheatre #QueerOpera #QueerDiva #ActivistPerformance #Voice

From the Stockholm University website:

“Tiina Rosenberg is Professor of Theatre and Performance Studies at Stockholm University. She is the former rector of the University of the Arts Helsinki and has previously been a professor of Gender Studies at Stockholm University and at Lund University.”

Working-Class Literature(s). Historical and International Perspectives

John Lennon and Magnus Nilsson (eds.). Working-Class Literature(s). Historical and International Perspectives is part of the Stockholm Studies in Culture and Aesthetics series.

These essays map a substantial terrain: the history of working-class literature(s) in Russia/The Soviet Union, The USA, Finland, Sweden, The UK, and Mexico. Together they give a complex and comparative – albeit far from comprehensive – picture of working-class literature(s) from an international perspective, without losing sight of national specificities.

Discipline and keywords: #Literature #LiteraryCriticism #LiteraryTheory #Marxisttheory #WorkingClassLiterature #Politics #ComparativeLiterature #LiteraryTheory #LiteraryHistory

A quote from the presentation of John Lennon from the University of South Florida’s website:

“John Lennon teaches courses in 20th-century American literature and film with a cultural studies orientation. His research is principally concerned with how marginalized individuals exert a politicized voice in collectivized actions.”

Magnus Nilsson is professor at Malmö University. From the Malmö University Website:

“My main research interests are working-class literature and questions about literature and class. Currently, I am analysing the construction of the phenomenon of working-class literature in Sweden since the late nineteenth century, and comparing Swedish working-class literature to working-class literatures in other countries.”

Essays in Anarchism and Religion. Volume 1

Essays in Anarchism and Religion. Volume 1 and the next volume(s) of Essays in Anarchism and Religion is being funded via a crowdfunding campaign, all thanks to the work by the editors Alexandre Christoyannopoulos and Matthew Adams (eds.), both at Loughborough University. The book ispart of the Stockholm Studies in Comparative Religion series.

In a world where political ideas increasingly matter once more, and religion is an increasingly visible aspect of global political life, these essays offer scholarly analysis of overlooked activists, ideas and movements, and as such reveal the possibility of a powerful critique of contemporary global society.

Discipline and keywords: #Religion #PoliticalScience #WorldHistory #WorldHistory #Theology #IntellectualHistory #Anarchism  and #Politics #ReligiousAnarchism

On the Loughborough University website Alex is presented like this:

“Alex is officially French and Greek, grew up in Brussels and has lived in England almost continuously since 1997, so he feels like a foreigner everywhere. He still cannot decide whether his main discipline is political thought, religion and politics, anarchist studies, international relations or political theology.”

Matt says this about himself on the Loughborough University website:

“I studied History & Sociology at the University of Manchester (1st) followed by an AHRC-funded Ph.D in History at the same institution. In 2012 I taught at the University of Durham, before being awarded a Banting Postdoctoral Fellowship by Canada’s Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, which I held at the University of Victoria from 2013 to 2015.”


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