Podcast book marketing: Working-Class Literature(s) around the world

Magnus Nilsson, the editor of the anthology Working-Class Literature(s): Historical and International Perspectives, co-edited with John Lennon (University of South Florida), has been interviewed by Mattias Torstensson in the Swedish podcast about working-class literature, ARBETARLITTERATUR. This episode of the podcast is Working-Class Literature around the world.

Need for a national working-class literature

In the podcast Magnus Nilsson and Mattias Torstensson discuss if we in Sweden need to talk about a national working-class literature. To what extent can Swedish authors be inspired by working-class literature around the world?

The essays in the book describe the history of working-class literature(s) in Russia/The Soviet Union, The USA, Finland, Sweden, The UK, and Mexico. Together they give a complex and comparative picture of working-class literature(s) from an international perspective.

Magnus Nilsson was also interviewed at Malmö University (in Swedish with English subtitles). In that interview Magnus says that ‘Class as a concept has taken a back seat in the debate but also as an academic subject’. He hopes to bring class back to the agenda, but also widen the concept and bring it up to date.

Marketing for authors and editors

To take part in a podcast, to be interviewed by a colleague or by the press you are publishing with, are examples of ways an authors or editors can market their book.

If you would like to know more about how you as an author or editor can market your book, have a look at SUP Marketing guidelines for authors and editors.

Please let us know if you have any thoughts or want to discuss marketing for authors and editors with us.




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