Stockholm University Press Enables Annotation with Hypothesis on eBooks

Guest blog post, by Nate Angell, Hypotheses

Hypothesis is pleased to announce that annotation is now available across all electronic files of books and articles published by Stockholm University Press. Annotation enables researchers and readers to more easily utilize this powerful tool to create private notes, establish private collaboration groups, or provide public feedback.

Stockholm University Press is part of the Ubiquity Partner Network. By enabling the latest version of EPUB.js on their platform, Ubiquity made it possible for users to annotation with Hypothesis. Anyone can create a free account for use on any web-based content. Annotations populate to a user’s profile/activity page for ready access. Publicly visible annotations are included in the Crossref Event Data project for indexing by Google.

“Publishing in EPUB makes a great reader experience possible,” notes Heather Staines, the Director of Partnerships for Hypothesis. “It’s wonderful to see open annotation available on eBooks that are open for the world to explore and enjoy. We’re excited that the Stockholm University Press has joined the growing list of University Presses supporting community governed and open source annotation.”

Sofie Wennström, Managing Editor at Stockholm University Press and Analyst at Stockholm University Library:
“Stockholm University is also keen on providing many modes of learning and opportunities for students to gather relevant skills for their future work. Annotation of academic books and journals can serve as a means to further understanding how information can be utilized to support open and collaborative learning.”

Christina Lenz, Managing Editor of books at Stockholm University Press:
“We see multiple possibilities for researchers and students using annotation, but also for us as a publisher and for our authors. With open annotation authors can see and be part of discussions, about their research, and we can see how the work is being used.”

About Stockholm University Press

Stockholm University Press is part of the University library at Stockholm University. All titles are peer reviewed and made available open access, with CC-BY licenses,in multiple formats, including EPUB and HTML. Topics range from humanities to social sciences to natural sciences.

About Hypothesis

Hypothesis  is a US 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to the development and spread of open, standards-based annotation technologies and practices that enable anyone to annotate anywhere, helping humans reason more effectively together through a shared, collaborative discussion layer over all knowledge. Hypothesis is based in San Francisco, CA, USA, with a worldwide team.

Contact Nate Angell, Heather Staines

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