Anders Nilsson, Professor at Stockholm University and Stanford – Shares His Dreams And Visions About The Peer Review Process #peerrevwk15

As we wrote last week we are celebrating Peer Review Week 2015 by a focus on the theme “dreams and visions about peer review”. Our aim this Peer Review Week will be to publish interviews with scholars from different disciplines based at Stockholm University, who will share their dreams and visions about the peer review process.


Photo: Anders Nilsson

Today we publish a short interview with Anders Nilsson, professor.

Imagine the ideal peer review context/situation, what does it look like according to you?

– For many journals it would be essential that the editors are more involved. In some cases reviewers are too hostile and their reports could be bias on other factors than only scientific quality.

What is the best thing about peer review in your field today?

– Usually a paper improves significantly during the peer review process when outsiders that are specialist in the field can comment on the study and presentation. It also assures that only papers of high quality are published.

What makes you want to participate in peer review?

– It is to make sure that only papers of highest quality in your field are published.

Do you have any thoughts or want to contribute with your dreams and visions? Please leave a comment.

See Anders Nilssons publications.

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