Stockholm University Press is celebrating Peer Review Week (#peerrevwk15)

The Stockholm University Press Blog will celebrate #peerrevwk15 by a focus on the theme “dreams and visions about peer review”. The idea is to invite dreams and visions that does not focus on obstacles and barriers built up due to tradition over time, but rather on possibilities and opportunities to improve the process to the benefit of researchers and their work.

What is the greater purpose that link together our views about these processes and what are our common ground in our dreams and visions?

During #peerrevwk15 we want to contribute to the further development of an improved and quality assured peer review system. We need tools and incentives to revitalize the mission to share ideas with peers through the process of peer review and publication of results.

Our aim this upcoming Peer Review Week will be to publish interviews with scholars from different disciplines based at Stockholm University, who will share their dreams and visions about the peer review process.

Thomas Neidenmark (PhD, Vice Chair of the Publishing Committee for SUP), will further elaborate about the visions for SUP and beyond and we will also comment current events during #peerrevwk15 in different social media.

Do you have any thoughts or want to contribute with your dreams and visions? Please leave a comment in any of these channels to interact with us.

Peer Review Week (September 28th – October 2nd) is an initiative by The Scholarly Kitchen blog.

From The Scholarly Kitchen Blog “…we know that there are many, many other organizations and individuals out there who care about peer review just as much as we do – and we want you to get involved! Our hope is that as many of you as possible will contribute to what is intended to be a community-driven discussion about – and celebration of – peer review. If you can help us make a success of it at short notice and on a shoestring this year, just think how much bigger and better it could be with your wider (and earlier!) participation next year…” (Alice Meadows, 2015).

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