Questions to Stockholm University Press at #COASP 2015

By Christina Lenz, Managing Editor for books

It was a great opportunity to participate at COASP (The 7th Conference on Open Access Scholarly Publishing). The annual conference was this year held at the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) in Amsterdam.

Tomorrow I will share some of my reflections and learnings from the conference, but here are a few answers to some questions I got during the conference.

“How do you finance Stockholm University Press (SUP)?”

– The APC’s and BPC’s are financed by the researchers, mostly from granted funds. The administration, i.e. my work, is budgeted as part of a publishing support by Stockholm University Library, where the press is organised. Peer reviewers are not paid by the press.

“Does SUP publish peer reviewed monographs?”

– Yes, SUP does publish peer reviewed monographs and edited volumes. SUP does peer review on both book proposals and manuscripts.

“How are you organized at the library and how many of you work with SUP?”

– SUP is integrated in all departments of the library and it’s difficult to say exactly how much time each one of us work with the press, but there are at least six persons working part time and two of us full time.

Poster Presentation – Peer reviewed research without borders

handoutSUP participated on the conference with a poster presentation that I did about peer reviewed research without borders.

We think we can make a difference for the researchers in relation to other publishing services by making publicly financed research available for free to increase dissemination and usage.


Thomas Neidenmark (Vice Chair of the SUP Publishing Committee) will later this week write more about our view on peer review.

Collaborate with Stockholm University Press

SUP is working with exchange of ideas and best practices through strategic international partnerships. We want to collaborate with other university presses to build an even more sustainable model for publication of peer reviewed books and journals and COASP was a great place to make new contacts for future networking for SUP and Stockholm University Library.

SUP is i.e. already a member of the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ), the Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association (OASPA) and the OPEN Library. Hopefully SUP will join other organisations as well to see how we can collaborate with new partners working for the same open access goals as we do.

Some participants at the conference will hopefully be SUP guest bloggers and write about how they work with open access scholarly Communication.

Where you at the conference and do you have more questions about my poster presentation? Do not hesitate to contact me.

Christina Lenz, Managing Editor at Stockholm University Press

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