2015 Year-In-Review: Stockholm University Press Blog’s Most Popular Posts

In april 2015 we started writing about Open Access, copyright, open data regarding scientific publishing and sharing news around the fields in the digital scholarly publishing. Soon it will be a new year and we want to take the opportunity to look back and share our top posts of the year.

We wish our readers a happy new year and want to give a special thanks to this years guest post writers!

Would you like to write a guest blog post about topics within open access, copyright and similar? Please contact us.

Towards a modern and more European Copyright framework – Education, research and access to knowledge a priority

Large sums are going from research to publishers instead of being used to further research – What can we do about it?

A necessary dialogue about text and data mining (TDM) in Europe

Library involvement in the publishing landscape

It is time for higher level decisions to support a sustainable open access model

The changing nature of scientific publishing

Is there a need for publication funds at Swedish universities?

Kriterium – To certify the quality of swedish research

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