The former Researcher Blog is now known as Stockholm University Press Blog

When we first started this blog in 2011, we called this the “Researcher Blog”. The goal was to create a meeting point between our researchers at Stockholm University and for them useful resources, news and tools in research.

As we have written a lot about Open Access, Creative Commons and scientific publishing and similar the next logical step henceforth is to continue here as Stockholm University Press.

Stockholm University Press – A publisher in the forefront

Our experience shows that there is still a need for knowledge of copyright and publication licenses for researchers. Therefore, we continue to contribute news and knowledge surrounding the areas that concern us in the digital scholarly publishing.

Our ambition is to be a publishing company in the forefront and we want to contribute to national and international discussions on Open Access, open data and copyright. Mainly in Sweden but also in other parts of the world. We are dedicated to make scientific research available and support our authors to increase the dissemination and use of their research.

Do you want to publish your research with Stockholm University Press? Need Peer Review? Everything starts with a Book Proposal.

Who works with Stockholm University Press Blog?

The Communications Department at Stockholm University Library is responsible for The Stockholm University Press Blog. Want to get in touch with us? You can reach us by email using

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