New book from Stockholm University Press: Don’t be Quiet, Start a Riot: Essays on Feminism and Performance by Tiina Rosenberg

Tiina Rosenberg. Teater- och dansvetenskap. E-post:
Tiina Rosenberg

Tiina Rosenberg’s latest book is freely available to the public in English through open access publishing, an innovative method of disseminating her studies of Swedish Performing Arts, feminism, and performance worldwide.

“I hope that publishing these essays in an open access format will enable a wider audience to share the insights of Scandinavian research into gender, including the issue of gender and sexuality.”
—Tiina Rosenberg

Larger international feminist context

The collection addresses affect, pleasure, elements of the human voice, memory, and the enjoyment of musical and theatrical performance.

“This book links my work to the larger field of feminist performance studies and international discussions in this area of research.”

“Adopting English as a lingua franca is one thing, but uncritically accepting Anglo-American hegemony in cultural research unduly narrows one’s perspective. By expanding the cultural horizon, I hope to illuminate the global richness of contemporary research into performance studies.”

Feminist performance, anti-racist interventions, and political agency

Rosenberg also examines contemporary feminist performance, anti-racist interventions, activist aesthetics, and political agency with regard to feminist and queer interpretations of opera and theatre.

The last chapter, “Don’t Be Quiet, Start a Riot,” discusses how using public space to theatricalize a provocation is a contemporary—and perhaps even anarchistic—method of directing attention to issues.

The topics in this volume are pursued against the background of broader developments in gender and queer studies, and within the feminist movement itself. It highlights the contributions of important artists who draw upon those fields to create their performance art.

For opera and theatre lovers

Don’t be Quiet, Start a Riot: Essays on Feminism and Performance by Tiina Rosenberg is the first volume of the Stockholm Studies in Culture and Aesthetics, a peer-reviewed series of monographs and edited volumes published by Stockholm University Press.

This collection will be welcomed by opera and theatre lovers, students, academics, and the wider public interested in the performing arts and its queer feminist potential.


Tiina Rosenberg is professor of Theatre and Performance Studies at Stockholm University, Sweden. She is the former rector of the University of the Arts Helsinki and has previously been a professor of gender studies at Stockholm University and at Lund University. She has also taught gender studies, and frequently speaks on cultural policy, equality, democracy, and human rights.

Don't Be Quiet, Start a Riot

How to access Don’t be Quiet, Start a Riot

Through the Stockholm University Press website you can download an ePub or pdf-file that allows you to read the book online or access it on multiple devices. You may also also order a print copy of the book through the website.

About the publisher Stockholm University Press

Stockholm University Press (SUP) is an open access publisher of peer-reviewed academic journals and books. Our aim is to make journals and books affordable, and give them the widest possible distribution, so that researchers around the world can locate and access the information they need without barriers.

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