Data Management Plans and its part of Open Science and OA publishing – Developments in Sweden #OA #opendata #DMP

Worldwide the Open Science and Open Access publishing paradigm has only in recent years significantly affected researchers work. Several initiatives and policies in Europe aim to help the shift to Open Science.

Support services have been developed to guide researchers into the management of scholarly publications and research data since also funders nowadays demand a Data Management Plan (DMP) from researchers.

So, what does the Open Science landscape regarding Data Management Plans look like in Sweden?

National Developments in Sweden

One of the recent developments in Sweden is that the Swedish Research Council, as from 2019 demands a data management plan from researchers if the granted research generates research data. This means that Swedish universities are obliged to provide the researchers with suitable support services.

Sabina Anderberg, Business Developer at Stockholm University Library, has written a blog post on DMP Online, National development in Sweden for Data Management Plan.

Anderberg states that the development in Sweden has taken much longer than in the rest of Europe, where Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) have been working for several years with this, as part of the Open Science framework.

Stockholm University signed up for DMP Online

Stockholm University was, in 2018, the first University in Sweden with a formal Research Data Policy and Rules for Research Data Management. In May 2019, Stockholm University signed up for a license to DMP Online.

Anderberg points out that instead of waiting for a national tool, Stockholm University provides researchers with a general, nationwide, DMP template. Stockholm University aims to improve FAIR developments of the tool and more machine-readable formats.

Open Science and Open Access Publishing

The developments in Sweden and at Stockholm University, are a big step forward to promote Open Science and Open Access publishing. Read the full blog post by Sabina Anderberg on DPM Online.

Read more about Research Data Management (RDM) at Stockholm University.

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