New OA-Book from Stockholm University Press: Working-Class Literature(s) vol. II – Historical and International Perspectives

This new book, Working-class literature(s) vol. II, brings to the fore questions of vital importance for understanding not only contemporary society, but also global historical developments during the last 150 years, such as class, power, representation, culture, and work. These essays map a substantial terrain the history of working-class literatures in Argentina, Denmark, Germany, Japan, Singapore, South Africa and Ireland. Together with the essays in the previous volume, which cover Russia/The Soviet Union, The USA, Finland, Sweden, The UK, and Mexico, they give a complex picture of working-class literatures from an international perspective, without losing sight of national specificities.

– We have received a lot of positive feedback from researchers all over the world on the first volume, says the book editors John Lennon and Magnus Nilsson, and we hope that the second volume will contribute further to the ongoing internationalization of the study of working-class literatures.

By capturing a wide range of definitions and literatures, both volumes give a broad and rich picture of the many-facetted phenomenon of working-class literatures, disrupt narrow understandings of the concept and phenomenon, as well as identify and discuss some of the most important theoretical and historical questions brought to the fore by the study of this literature.

If read as stand-alone chapters, each contribution gives an overview of the history and research of a particular nation’s working-class literature. If read as a whole, they contribute toward a more complex understanding of the global phenomenon of working-class literatures, written by leading scholars from all over the world.

Stockholm Studies in Culture and Aesthetics

Working-class literature(s) vol. II is a volume of Stockholm Studies in Culture and Aesthetics, a peer-reviewed series of monographs and edited volumes published by Stockholm University Press.

How to access this book

At the Stockholm University Press website you can download an ePub or pdf-file that allows you to read the book online or access it on multiple devices. You may also also order a print copy of the book through the DOI-link:

About the publisher Stockholm University Press

Stockholm University Press is an open access publisher of peer-reviewed academic journals and books. We aim to make journals and books affordable, and to give them the widest possible dissemination, so that researchers around the world can find and access the information they need without barriers.

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