Particle Physics goes Open Access – SCOAP3 is the World’s Largest OA Initiative


By: Marjatta Sikström 

Starting this year Swedish particle physicists can publish their articles free of charge, as Open Access, in 12 core journals by Elsevier, Institute of Physics and Springer. In total, twelve periodicals in the subject of particle physics, from nine different publishers are involved.

The cost free Open Access publishing in particle physics has been made possible by SCOAP3 – Sponsoring Consortium for Open Access Publishing in Particle Physics. The participants, in addition to the nine publishers, are research libraries and research institutes from over a thousand organisations and 31 countries. This makes SCOAP3 the world’s largest initiative in Open Access.

The initiator and node in SCOAP3 is CERN. Their library both negotiates the Open Access terms with the publishers of the physics journals as well as administering the contacts and economic transactions with the partner organizations involved in the consortium.

The basic idea behind the SCOAP3 initiative is that the resources used to subscribe to the particle physics journals are instead to be used to pay for the articles’ review and publication as Open Access. Journals in the subject of particle physics are the first, which in this way are converted to Open Access journals. Plans are to continue with similar solutions in other fields.

When you publish in any of the SCOAP3 journals, please do not forget to inform the publisher that you are affiliated to Stockholm University.


The following publishers are partners in the SCOAP3 Consortium: Chinese Academy of Sciences, Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft, Elsevier, Hindawi, Institute of Physics Publishing, Jagellonian University, Oxford University Press, Physical Society of Japan, SISSA Medialab, Springer, Società Italiana di Fisica.

The Swedish SCOAP3 Partners that participate via their libraries are Stockholm University, Chalmers, Lunds Univeristy, Royal Institute of Technology and Uppsala University.

The following core journals are among the twelve: Nuclear Physics B, Physics Letters B, Advances in High Energy Physics, Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics, European Physical Journal C, Journal of High Energy Physics.

The complete list of current publishers and journals is here.

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