Open access books on the agenda – 20th #oabook – celebrating #OAWeek

By Christina Lenz, Managing Editor of Books at Stockholm University Press

The next book published at Stockholm University Press will be the 20th. Two more titles are on their way, which means that this year we will have published 22 books altogether.

Our previous record was publishing five new titles a year. This year we beat that record by publishing nine books.

Let us have a small taste of our first and latest published book.

Starting with Platonic Occasions to The Power of the In-Between

Platonic Occasions. Dialogues on Literature, Art and Culture (Richard Begam & James Soderholm) was published in 2015. The authors reflect upon a wide range of thinkers, writers and ideas from Plato, Descartes and Nietzsche to Shakespeare, the Romantics and the Moderns — from Evil, Love and Death to Art, Memory and Mimesis.

This monograph was the first book in the Stockholm English Studies series. The 20th book will be the third title in this series, World Literatures: Exploring the Cosmopolitan-Vernacular Exchange (Stefan Helgesson, et al., eds.)

The last published book, in September 2018, was The Power of the In-Between. Intermediality as a Tool for Aesthetic Analysis and Critical Reflection (Sonya Petersson et al., eds.). This edited volume is the fifth title in Stockholm Studies in Culture and Aesthetics, and it brings together scholars from a range of disciplines – art history, comparative literature, theatre studies, musicology, and the history of ideas.

Open monographs are here to stay

We are happy to state that open monographs are here to stay. Stockholm University Press has for the time being ten Editorial Boards of Books, in the Humanities and Social sciences, and at least three are in the starting up process.

When we started out the press in 2014 it was hard convincing researchers why they should publish open access. Nowadays they definitely understand the whys and we help them in the process of the hows.

Publishing an open access book with Stockholm University Press

If you are interested in publishing a book with us, have a look at our website.

We welcome all researchers from all around the world to publish with us. If you have any thoughts, ideas or questions about Stockholm University Press open access books, please contact us.

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