Anthropology for a better world

Are you an anthropologist who researches to make the world better? Then Anthropology & Society, a book series published by Stockholm University Press, is eager to receive your book proposal.

At a time when the world is in dire need of positive transition, we take advantage of our publication venue to push for more anthropological knowledge in the service of society.

Call for submissions

The editorial board invites anthropologists to submit book proposals for the Anthropology & Society series. We welcome manuscript proposals in English or Swedish. Single-authored and co-authored books are equally welcome, and we encourage experimental forms of writing as well as more standard academic texts.

Since our primary distribution is online, we welcome visuals and other forms of multimodal expression within or as complements to the published books.

Sharing research through open access

An effective way to share and spread anthropological knowledge is through publishing with open access. This option is offered by Stockholm University Press at a reasonable cost while maintaining the highest international standards for academic publishing. All publications are available free of charge to anyone, anywhere, with an internet connection. It is also possible to order print copies of all the books as print-on-demand via online bookstores at a fair price.

Anthropology & Society

Anthropology & Society (AS) (ISSN 2002-6293) is a peer-reviewed series of academic monographs and edited volumes. The series strives to provide an open access platform for contemporary anthropological research. With its unique insights into the human condition, anthropology offers a fresh perspective on social life worldwide, which the series aims to convey.

Previous titles in the series:

Invoking Flora Nwapa
Nigerian women writers, femininity and spirituality in world literature
Paula Uimonen, DOI:

Diaspora, integration och transnationalitet bland svenska föreningar i södra Spanien
Erik Olsson, DOI:

Read the guidelines on how to submit a book proposal.

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