Tomorrow Never Knows – The Stockholm University Press Team is Looking Back and Forward

The Stockholm University Press Team would like to take the opportunity to wish you all a very merry holiday and a happy new year. 2022 was a busy year, and we have noted a few achievements. However, we would first and foremost like to sincerely thank all those who made all this possible, our fantastic and hard-working Editors, Authors, Editorial Board members and Reviewers. We could not have done this without you!

The Stockholm University Press Managing Editors, from top left, Sofie Wennström, Petter Blomqvist, Anna Silberstein and Christina Lenz, holding some of the books published in 2022.

More books for all types of readers

The year started well, with the first book published in February, Ord från Norr, by Andreas Hedberg, which received some attention in mainstream media – an important goal for research within the humanities. Another book that stood out was Konsten att Kontextualisera, edited by Staffan Bergwik, Linn Holmberg and Karin Dirke, a textbook about producing historical knowledge by contextualization. This title collected over 800 downloads and views in 2022, making it the most-read title published within the same year. Almost last but not least, we published a unique book with the first complete translation into English of The Occult Diary by August Strindberg. The diary initiates the reader into the writer’s inner world during a crucial transitional period in his personal and literary life. It will be an essential resource for international Strindberg scholars and theatre professionals.

The total production in 2022 amounts to nine titles, of which four are lined up for publishing in December alone. Watch this space for updates on the last titles of the year about to be released!

Adding new book series to the list

The year 2022 also meant the inauguration of no less than five new book series in addition to the eleven series we already hosted. These new series are:

  • Critical Editions in Culture and Aesthetics – Where The Occult Diary is only its first title in what we hope will constitute a unique venue for critical research on translated, annotated, and introduced texts within this broad domain
  • Stockholm Studies in Indo-European Language and Culture – A cross-disciplinary approach to research on the older stages of the Indo-European language family.
  • Stockholm Studies in Mathematics and Science Education – Present research on this sub-field of education to further our knowledge of what constitutes good teaching of the sciences.
  • Contemporary Research in Special Education – Aims to emphasise research on how educational environments can support or impede development, learning and socialisation among children, youth and adults.
  • Stockholm Studies in Democracy, Politics, and Governance – looking for proposals on all aspects of these topics within the broader scope of social sciences presenting empirical, comparative or theoretical research.

The complete list of all book series open for proposal submissions is available on our website. It is also possible to suggest developing new book series with the Press team. See instructions.

Adding prestige journals to the list

The transfer from Taylor & Francis to Stockholm University Press of the two prestige journals Tellus A, Dynamic Meteorology and Oceanography and Tellus B, Chemical and Physical Meteorology, has been going on for a while. However, it was in 2022 that we finally completed the move and managed to upload their entire digitised archive. Their production dates back to 1964 (also including an issue from their very first volume in 1949).

Both these journals started publishing with Open Access in 2012, so the move to a more affordable platform closed their 10th anniversary of becoming more accessible for all readers. The Stockholm University Press team is excited to add another 5,000 articles to the platform and to host journals within the natural sciences for the first time.

Most other journals on the list (see our website) have increased their frequency of published articles in 2022, ensuring they can remain reliable venues for authors who wish to submit their manuscripts for review.

Increasing capacity and celebrating achievements in 2023

By the end of 2022, the Stockholm University Press book catalogue will include more than 50 titles. We are very proud of this achievement as we have continuously operated with a small team and, at the same time, prided ourselves on taking personal care of editors and authors of books and journals. We plan to celebrate this milestone during the first half of 2023 and invite all our collaborators to join us.

We currently have at least 20 manuscripts under review, and ten are likely to be published in 2023 if all goes well. As we are now managing more book projects and journal titles than ever, we also need to add some capacity to the team. Therefore, we are excited to welcome our new Managing Editor, Petter Blomqvist, to ensure we can deliver the same service and devotion to all book projects and journal titles.

Happy holidays and stay tuned

As the year ends, it is time to take a break to rest on our laurels. The entire Stockholm University Press team would like to send a warm holiday greeting to all collaborators, readers and network members whom we met IRL and in digital spaces.

The summary of activities above is only a sneak peek of a more in-depth report on the usage and citations of books and journals published so far to be released in the new year. In addition, we will shortly announce the 50-book celebration and all the new titles we have lined up for publication, so subscribe (see instructions in the right-hand margin) or follow us on other social media channels (FacebookTwitterLinkedIn) to keep up-to-date. So stay tuned; tomorrow never knows what awaits.

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